Case - São José Shopping Mall

“The kanban panel can be applied in several sectors, planning the operation of several areas.”


Sometimes, a company must start with the basic, better organizing its maintenance systems and work processes. This was the case of São José Shopping Mall, located in São José dos Pinhais (PR), which in 2008 was facing some difficulties with the management and distribution of the maintenance activities.


The shopping mall management realized that Leankeep – Building Maintenance Software was already successfully used in other enterprises of the group. From there to a new contract all that it took was a little step. Now, seven persons work following the schedule registered at Leankeep, especially using the Kanban Panel to better manage the shopping mall’s maintenance.


Leankeep helped the company to improve its results, optimizing the time and guiding its cooperators more clearly and effectively. Accordingly with Thiago Santos, responsible for the shopping mall’s air conditioning, the use of the Kanban Panel enables the control of all jobs during the entire year. “Also, it may be applied in many sectors, organizing the operation of several different areas,” he explains with satisfaction.