What is Leankeep?

It is a real estate management software that integrates people and sectors involved in common tasks of maintenance, operation and real estate control, with more agility and practicality in the processes.

Custom solutions accordingly with your needs.

The Leankeep Building is indicated for the management of malls, hospitals, universities and other enterprises. It optimizes the opening of calls and guarantees greater control of building maintenance, from the developer to the supplier.

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The Leankeep Hotel is geared towards hospitality, from small hotels to large chains. Take care of every detail, optimizing the work together of different teams. The result? Most satisfied guests and best reviews.

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The Leankeep Service is ideal for companies providing service and facilities.With indicators that help in making decisions, allows operational efficiency, anticipates solutions, ensures customer satisfaction and offers your company competitive differentials in the market.

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Leankeep App

Our apps facilitate your access to the software, allowing you to plan and better manage all maintenance systems with
a lot of simplicity.

  • Available online and offline
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Increases managerial control
  • Increases managerial control
  • Integrates people and sectors
  • Improves performance
Why choose Leankeep?
More than Users on the software
More than Managed Buildings
More than Maintenance Problems
solved daily through the software


Success Cases

Know Leankeep from the perspective of who matters most: our clients.
Deville Hotel Network
Beiramar Shopping Mall
Cataratas Shopping Mall
Rede Plaza Hotels
Climac Air Conditioning
São José Shopping Mall
Batel Shopping Mall
BHG Hotels

Who We Are

Leankeep uses its vast engineering expertise in collaborative software design - known as groupware - to develop and optimize products focused on quality and mobility.

Since 2005, the company has been researching and launching different solutions for building management, aiming agility and debureaucratization, combined with optimization and ease, whether operational or access.

Leankeep's technical expertise offers solutions to more than 12 thousand users, serving around 5 thousand properties in Brazil and worldwide, in a continuous effort to always assist its clients in achieving excellence.

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